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Network power combination surge protector

Network power combination surge protector (also known as power network two in one lightning protector, power network two in one lightning arrester, power network two in one surge protector) is designed according to IEC and GB standards, mainly used for lightning electromagnetic pulse (LEMP) protection of all kinds of weak current equipment, security equipment, telecommunication equipment, network equipment power supply and 1000m network signal line, which is integrated and multi Function surge protector. Network power lightning arrester
Functional features:
1. Maximum flow capacity: 20KA (8 / 20 μ s). The power line adopts the two-level compound balance safest line. The AC can be connected without zero / live line. The zero / live line can be connected casually (the DC needs to be divided into positive and negative poles), the differential mode (line to line), the common mode (line to ground) full mode protection. The residual voltage is low, especially suitable for outdoor equipment, where the lightning energy is large and the residual voltage value is relatively strict.
2. The internal network circuit also adopts two-stage series compound protection, differential mode (line to line) and common mode (line to ground) full mode protection, with low residual voltage and long service life;
3. It can effectively prevent equipment damage caused by instantaneous increase of potential difference between power supply, network and other lines
4. The integrated structure is adopted, and the volume is minimized without taking up space in accordance with relevant parameters; network power lightning arrester
5. Power surge protection port with LED failure indication (green: normal; off: failure);
Installation method:
1. The lightning arrester is installed in series in front of the port of the protected equipment ("input" terminal is connected to the line, "output" terminal is connected to the protected camera), and the PE terminal is connected to the lightning protection grounding network.
2. Line terminal connection (power supply part):
AC power supply: connect "L1-L1" and "l2-l2" at both ends respectively, without zero live wire;
DC power supply: connect "L1-L1" and "l2-l2" respectively at both ends, DC is divided into positive and negative poles, positive pole is connected to L1, negative pole is connected to L2, and do not connect them wrongly.
3. RJ45 network signal line connection method: Series installation, RJ45 crystal head directly plug in.
4. The section of the grounding wire shall be ≥ 4mm2 and be as short as possible. The installation of this lightning protection product requires that the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms, and the lightning protection performance is the best when the grounding wire and grounding resistance are qualified. Network power lightning arrester
5. The lightning arrester is maintenance free, and the working condition of the lightning arrester shall be checked and recorded in time after thunderstorm.